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I am very happy that I have had the opportunity to participate as a volunteer in the ‎Zajel project at the An -Najah University in Nablus. It has been a wonderful ‎experience and I am so pleased that I could be a part of this amazing project. ‎

By: Justyna - Poland ‎

I enjoyed it from the very first moment, being stunned with a warmth welcome we ‎had received. Every day was for me a remarkable journey of discovery about ‎Palestine and its people, history, culture, traditions and political situation. We have ‎had an intense program, visiting different cities and villages all across Palestine, ‎meeting and talking with people. Even though I was tired, I woke up each day ‎smiling and looking forward to new discoveries and positive vibes the coming day ‎will bring. ‎

What was particularly interesting to me is learn about the every-day life of the ‎Palestinian people, of the reality that they are living in and the challenges that they ‎are facing on regular basis. ‎

But it was not only about the very serious issues. Besides visiting places like the ‎University, the refugee camp, museums, the Bethlehem wall, the divided city of ‎Hebron and many others, we have also had an amazing cultural program and ‎entertaining activities. ‎

I love our visit to the dessert where we spent a night at the Bedouins' camp ‎meditating at a sunset and a sunrise, with an amazing panorama over the Dead Sea ‎and an unforgettable jeep-ride under the open sky in the dessert. I will cherish my ‎great memories from the local family visit when we were invited to Jasmin's house ‎and her mother prepared delicious food for us. It was simply amazing! We were ‎sitting there, together with Jasmin's mother and sisters, enjoying the wonderful ‎dishes and talking, talking and talking… I was so much touched by that wonderful ‎moment that I have simply forgotten about the entire world and had a feeling that I ‎could sit there for hours and hours. A visit to the Nablus bath, during the female day, ‎was also an extraordinary and an extremely pleasant experience!‎

However, besides all the issues mentioned above, I strongly believe that what made ‎the project and our stay in Palestine a remarkable one was the people that we met, ‎the people of Palestine. Every day I was touched with the warmth, kindness and ‎hospitality that we were receiving. It has been a long time since somebody was ‎taking so much care of me. I had a feeling that whatever happens, I could absolutely ‎rely on help and support of my Palestinian friends. Even my visit to the doctor was a ‎pleasant experience and I could hardly remember that any doctor in Europe was so ‎nice to me.‎

I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to deliver workshops for the students ‎of An-Najah University and I hope that my advice on CV writing, job interview, ‎recruitment and selection process will help them to find fulfilling jobs that they are ‎dreaming of.‎

I am extremely grateful to all the local volunteers and An-Najah University staff that ‎made this program running. Without their hard work, energy and commitment it ‎would not be possible. I find 'the Zajel' project a wonderful initiative that helps to ‎make this world a better place. I wish all the best for the organizers and for all the ‎future editions of Zajel. As my last sentence, I will just say: I was simply happy here ‎in Palestine! Thank you for everything. Good luck for the future! ‎

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