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My name is Adela from Spain and I have joined The International Youth Exchange ‎Program (Zajel) of An-Najah National University' summer camp of August. I've ‎been in Nablus for a while discovering the country and having fun.‎

By: Adela - Spain

Being in Palestine has been a great experience. First of all because it is always nice ‎to discover a new country. And discover it from inside, and not as a tourist is even ‎more interesting. ‎

I am so glad to have chosen the Zajel program because I met wonderful people: ‎locals and volunteers from all over the world. After two weeks of my stay I felt we ‎were like a family because people here are friendly and they make you feel ‎comfortable.‎

We have not stopped travelling around Palestine, eating and having fun as well. ‎Although it is difficult to talk about one nice moment I spent, I would go for the trip ‎to the dessert where we saw the sunrise in front of the Dead Sea. It is an image that I ‎will never forget, not only because of the beautiful landscape, but also because of ‎my feeling that I was transferring my emotions to nature. ‎

On the other hand, I want to speak a bit about the workshop I've been teaching at. It ‎is about how to deal with difficult situations and emotions. Students were amazing ‎and very interested in that field. But unfortunately I found out that there is a need for ‎developing psychological rehabilitation in Palestine. It is a must!‎

Also I am now more aware about the Palestinian situation and I really appreciate all ‎the explanations and conferences about it: education, women's situations, refugees, ‎etc. It is always good to have as much information as you can to create your own ‎opinion and know the reality from inside. ‎

So of course, I recommend this experience to everyone who is interested in making a ‎contribution to this charming country while having a good time. Palestinians are ‎brave people and I really admire their courage. I would love to thank you for ever.‎

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