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My name is Ander and I am from Spain. I have enjoyed very much my stay here at An-Najah ‎National University. It has been a really good experience to know what is happening in this part ‎of the world and how this university works.‎

By: Ander - Spain

The feedback about the camp is very good. All the local volunteers and Zajel Program`s ‎support helped us in all of our needs and we were informed all the time about all of the ‎activities.‎

This camp gives you the chance to learn how students learn at this university and also know ‎more about the historical, political and economic situation in Palestine. All of the activities that ‎we have done were really interesting. We have visited a lot of cities, villages, museums and ‎associations. We also visited Balata refugee camp and hospitals. ‎

One of the best opportunities is to stay with local people all the time and, in my opinion, is the ‎unique way to learn more about this country.‎

The university is really good and the students here have good skills and are very competent.‎

In Europe a lot of people speak about the political, social and economic situation here in ‎Palestine. The point is that the information we receive from social media is not enough for ‎knowing the real situation. most of the social media platforms support Israel’s occupation and ‎don’t speak about how is the suffering of the Palestinian society, so I think that is important to ‎get here to know the real situation.‎

I think that the two visits that impressed me more were the visit that we have done to Balata ‎refugee camp and Hebron city. We got the chance to learn more about the situation of the ‎refugees there. It was a really emotional and also hard experience, but it is necessary to know ‎how the people live there.‎

Hebron is also impressed me a lot. I think that by visiting this city you can get a general view ‎of what’s happening here in Palestine.‎

In conclusion, I have enjoyed very much my stay here in Palestine and I want to invite the ‎people that want to learn more about this country to take part in this project, it is a good ‎experience to learn more about the big problems that they have here.‎

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