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I don’t know how to start describing this amazing trip plentiful of experiences ‎during 2 weeks in Palestine. It seems a short period but intensity is guaranteed. ‎

By: João - Portugal

This journey was a very interesting combination of different experiences: teaching ‎students at the university, embracing the incredible Palestinian culture, interaction ‎with Palestinians and visiting fascinating places. ‎

The possibility, better, the opportunity to teach amazing students motivated, ‎talented, ambitious and goal-oriented is something very nice to experience, ‎considering the fact the context they live is characterized by uncertainty. Also I ‎learnt from them.‎

Secondly, what I mostly enjoyed was the social interaction with Palestinians, mainly ‎from Zajel team. Palestinians… they are fantastic, full of live, friendly, kind, funny, ‎with strong values and beliefs. We had the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts and ‎perspectives. I don’t have doubts they will strive and succeed in the future.

Thirdly, I had the privilege, yes the privilege getting to know the Palestinian culture ‎by Palestinians, its history, customs, food, music both traditional and modern, and ‎dancing. Experience this abroad whatever the country is something very unique and ‎amazing because it is not easy to find a place in the world with this opportunity. ‎Travelling is not about counting countries but instead being embraced with people ‎and culture.‎

The last feature I highlight but not the least was the possibility of exploring ‎remarkable cities of Nablus, Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Ramallah, the village of ‎Sebastya and seeing beautiful landscapes in the Jordan Valley. I will not forget that ‎night in the desert, the sunrise over the Dead Sea, attending a Palestinian traditional ‎dancing show in Tulkarem district and the old town of Nablus.‎

‎ I had a great time in Palestine. The trip was beautiful and very authentic. I enjoyed ‎every single moment and for sure I will come back.‎

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