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It feels great to be ambassador to your country and to have your voice heard by the world. It also ‎feels amazing to have the courage to stand in front of high-status people and speak from the ‎heart. ‎

By: Islam Najjar

The more life experiences you go through, the more fingerprints you will be able to leave in ‎people’s minds. We try our best to not forget some of the experiences we had because of the ‎achievements and good memories associated with them. ‎

My travelling journeys started when I was a freshman; I participated in many events, competitions, ‎workshops and different training sessions. However, the most unforgettable and influential ‎experience I had is the “Arab Media Leaders Programme”. It was organized by the Arab Youth ‎Centre which works on pioneer initiatives led by Arab youth in the UAE. ‎

We met many decision makers, influencers, pioneers and public figures from all over the world ‎who contributed to the development of modern media. We also had the chance to talk to great ‎media organizations and associations’ representatives such as Reuters, BBC, MBC, Bloomberg, ‎CNN and Sky news and learned more about their work. ‎

One of the most significant things in that experience was meeting one hundred elite young men ‎and women who were Arab Media pioneers with rich cultural backgrounds. ‎

One hundred persons from all over the world were trying to present their best in their field in that ‎programme on October, 2018. ‎

Proudly, I am now one of the Arab Youth Centre pioneers in the UAE, and I thank all of the great ‎people I have met there as they left great memories in my mind. 

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