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International volunteers always expect they give something, such as money and ‎knowledge, to recipients. I used to think in this way. I thought that I would ‎contribute my knowledge to Palestinians in order to broaden their horizons. ‎However, I was arrogant enough to think so. During the Zajel Program of An-‎Najah University, I found that I was given a lot, more than I gave to ‎Palestinians.

By: Teresa Chun

While many Palestinians are suffering a severe shortage of water, all volunteers ‎in this program can take showers as they like. While children in Hebron city are ‎running to get some food from charity kitchen, we have food that is more than ‎sufficient. While Palestinians are suffering from high unemployment rate due to ‎an influx of cheap Chinese products, Palestinians always help Chinese like me ‎and say 'welcome to Palestine' to me. I feel like home.‎

I taught a little to Palestinians. On the contrary, I learnt a lot from Palestine and ‎its people. I learnt not to be selfish. Although I may have a lot of excuses ‎refusing to help the others, I should give a hand. Also, I learnt to be considerate. ‎Although I may have sufficient natural resources, I should think twice before I ‎use. Because all natural resources should be shared with all the people but not ‎just for me. ‎

Last but not least, I learnt to be open-minded and put away stereotypes. In my ‎opinion, conflicts come from selfishness and prejudice. I sincerely hope that all ‎people in the world can put away all prejudice and respect each other as human ‎beings. This can make a better world for our future generations.‎

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