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I feel that my time in Palestine has gone by so quickly. Whilst my stay, I met local ‎volunteers who were full of energy, ready to help me in anything I needed, and they ‎were fluent in English which was really important to us, the foreigners. It was my ‎pleasure to work with them. ‎

By: Joanna Nobutik

Once I arrived Hebron, the stereotyped image I had on the Palestinian situation has ‎changed. I had an eerie feeling walking in streets full of closed markets, passing through ‎checkpoints and getting all of our stuff and bags inspected. ‎

I would really like to visit the fascinating traditional Glass Factory in Hebron again, and ‎to sit at Al- Ibrahimi Mosque peacefully. ‎

Another image of resistance I have seen was in Askar Camp; a very crowded cramped ‎place in which its residents have no privacy and share almost everything with each ‎other. However, people living there did not give up, and I believe they will never do. ‎

Zajel workshops at the university were so refreshing. Students were eager to learn, ‎wanted to improve their skills and were very cooperative. I will do my best to visit ‎Palestine again and meet all of the volunteers and students I had the most amazing time ‎with.‎

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