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Being in Italy with Palestinian people always brings back all the memories of ‎not only my time in Palestine but also my memories of being human being. ‎Whenever I stay with Palestinian people no matter how little and much time I ‎spend, I can experience happy, sad, angry times, which is all elements of human ‎being. In my daily work time in Turkey I may be pretending to be happy all the ‎time because of my position as a project manager. I’m not trying to show my ‎angry or sad emotions. But when I am with Palestinians, all the obstacles ‎disappear.‎

By: Yuhki Ohngo

What Zajel Program of the PR Department at An-Najah taught us from this ‎cultural exchange programme is to tell us individually to open our eyes wide open ‎and widen our views, it tells us to do everything as a group, We learned not only ‎how to manage and organise plan but also how to manage ourselves. Various ‎competency skills have been improved thanks to Zajel Program.

Because Italy is an internationally well-known touristic place, it gave us a ‎chance to have a feeling of being a global citizen. In Italy Italian people don’t ‎care about nationality of tourists. They just looked at us as one of their tourists. ‎On the other hand, in a daily life in Palestine, Palestinian identity stays with us ‎all the time and sometimes we raise our voices to get our identity heard.

At Spanish Stairs people from various countries were just sitting there as if we ‎were all friends. Being a global citizen means that being able to adopt ourselves ‎to any new environment and being able to show respect and understanding for ‎others when we are surrounded by strangers in a new environment.

The Trevi Fountain and Spanish Stairs were good attractions and we had a few ‎occasions where we were engaged with local or other tourists. Museums and ‎other indoor attractions were more like individual learning places where we were ‎exposed to experiencing different culture. I now believe that any water attraction ‎gives all Palestinian students psychologically positive effect.

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