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ne of the things that impressed me the most and enjoyed 100% was giving the ‎training workshops to the students of the An-Najah University. I was really ‎amazed about the high commitment of the students.

By: Marta Morales ‎

Their high belief on education as a way of improving themselves and Palestine ‎touched me very deeply. Also because this is not usual thing in Europe. In ‎addition, I am very thankful for their humanity and real interest to know us and ‎our cultures. The same as we wanted to know about them. It was a real ‎exchange. I am very grateful for that‏.‏

I'm also very thankful for the high dedication of the Zajel program volunteers ‎and coordinators. Before coming to An-Najah University and joining the camp, ‎I already thought that it was going to be a very interesting experience and ‎exchange. But it was far better than I expected. The volunteers gave all their ‎efforts to run the program. 24/7 to be specific. And we did plenty of things, we ‎visited and got in touch almost with all Palestinian territories‏.‏

Hebron city, Bethlehem city and other spots gave us an overall idea of the ‎apartheid system in Palestine. Eventually, I am still very shocked about it. Also ‎for the stories of the local volunteers. Then you realize the magnitude of the ‎situation and the complexity and diversity of the hard situations that Palestinian ‎face everyday‏.‏

Finally, I really enjoyed sharing the music, the food, the sweets and the relaxed ‎chatting with all the volunteers, both local and international. It's very touching to ‎realize that, even if we came from such different societies and realities we have ‎far more in common than differences‏.‏

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