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By: Dominic Hauschild

The Zajel camp is a beautiful exercise in the bringing together of many culture to teach and ‎inspire. Eye-opening would be an understatement and it has educated me on the reality of the ‎conflict. Yes- It has been a startling, but it has also been incredible in a powerful way. The ‎people I have met over the past two weeks have truly been an inspiration – academically ‎excellent and personally beautiful. I honestly believe that each one of the local volunteers will ‎go on to do incredible things and i will remember their genuine hospitality for the rest of my ‎life.

This camp is a genuine experience of Palestine, both in the people we have met and the first ‎hand experiences of both painful oppression and incredible resilience, from visiting the ‎apartheid wall in Bethlehem that sliced the country in half, to the beautiful kite festival that ‎demonstrated the spirit of the Palestinian people, this is an unforgettable opportunity.

Lastly, the friendship I have made here, I am certain will last for a very long time. Both the ‎warm and friendly Palestinian and also the very special international volunteers who have ‎come from all over the world to learn and to make a difference. This camp is an unmissable ‎and unforgettable experience: what Zajel and an-najah university have done here is ‎extraordinary and it will stay with me forever.

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