English Language Literature Minor Translation
Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
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Faculty of Humanities
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Program Description

A Translation program acquaints students with different aspects and skills of a good translator not to mention the accompanying expansion of vocabulary repertoire and the employment of knowledge in more vivid contexts of use; it also builds bridges of mutual understanding and creates cross cultural communication by translating from and into Arabic and English languages while broadening students’ knowledge in English as a foreign language. Translation program offers a variety of courses that are geared towards nonconventional education that places the student at the center of the educational process through research and other activities that promote critical and creative thinking. The US, UK and other English-speaking countries continue to be the first political and economic world power and students need to increase their awareness and knowledge of their influence and hegemony and how they are to translate this knowledge into Arabic.


The suggested minor in Translation at An-Najah National University aims at the following objectives:

To acquaint students with basic and advanced translation skills both  theoretically and practically by offering some readings in the cultures of different languages and introducing them to the translation theories which are to be employed  in  genuine contexts of use in different fields of translation.

To encourage research in translation  issues and topics. The minor should be a nucleus for introducing translation studies on the graduate level. 

  • To prepare students for jobs in different NGOs and international organizations.
  • To increase the employability of the English language and literature program’s graduates.
  • To create a network of relationships with international business institutions.

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