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An-Najah National University's Energy Research Center, Partner of Med-EcoSuRe project is working now on the implementation of a photovoltaic plant on An-Najah's Faculty of Humanities' and the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training's building.

This project aims to promote and implement innovative technologies, as well as know-how to transfer in the field of solar energy, particularly PV systems in Palestine.

The Energy Research Centre (ERC), analyzed and selected the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training at An-Najah University's Old Campus in Nablus. The PV plant has a capacity of 160 kWp.

The University will have the benefit of the PV plant which will reduce the electricity cost of the University's both chosen faculties and the use of diesel fuel during the long hours of electricity cuts to provide better services to its students and staff.

The Med-EcoSuRe (Mediterranean University as Catalyst for Eco-Sustainable ‎Renovation) is a project ‎funded by the European Union, under the ENI CBC MED ‎program. ‎The program is managed by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy) and aims ‎to promote cross-‎border cooperation in the Mediterranean region.‎

It is worth mentioning that the Energy Research Centre (ERC) in partnership with the EU funded project MED-SOLAR implemented a photovoltaic plant on An-Najah buildings with a capacity of 145 kWp at both An-Najah National University Hospital and the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy building.


The Energy Research Center (ERC) was established in 1996, ERC is concerned with research, development, system design, feasibility studies, training in all conventional and renewable energy fields, energy management and energy conservation, since its establishment, the ERC has been working closely with many authorities and NGOs working in the energy and environmental sectors.

To learn more about the University's ERC and its projects, please visit this link:

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