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Prof. Maher Natsheh, An-Najah University President met with the ‎Palestinian Child Institute's staff who exceeded expectations by ‎successfully meeting the requirements of the ISO Quality Standards ‎and their commitment to continual improvement.‎

The ISO 9001 certification obtained by An-Najah Child Institute in ‎‎2017, was recently renewed, following an audit carried out by Lloyd’s ‎Register Quality Assurance.‎

Prof. Natsheh congratulated An-Najah Child Institute's staff for ‎achieving this success and thanked them for their consistent efforts to ‎meet the requirements of the ISO Quality Standards and their ‎successful completion of the Renewal Audit to maintain its’ ISO ‎‎9001:2015 registration.‎

The Palestinian Child Institute today serves as a reference institute to ‎leading organizations and practitioners nationally as expressed the ‎director of the institute Dr. Ali Shaar.‎

ISO-9001 is a global quality management system designed to help ‎organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers while ‎meeting statutory and regulatory requirements. The standards are ‎published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).‎

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