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An-Najah's Public Relations and Communication Department ‎organized a workshop on game theory in public relations. It was given ‎by Bilal Estiti, President of the Arab Parliament for Training Experts ‎in Palestine.‎

The workshop aimed to introduce students to the game theory as a ‎model for public relations decision-making. ‎

It featured talks on interesting topics such as theories of public ‎relations and the concept of game theory and how to apply it in ‎public relations.‎

It included an overview of how game theory could apply to Public ‎Relations – every decision in a PR campaign, from which messages to ‎pitch to which journalists to target, is a carefully considered choice, ‎influenced in part by the strategic choices of the competition’s ‎rational.‎

Furthermore, the workshop covered different topics most important ‎are planning and strategic thinking, focus skills, the power of ‎persuasion, persuasion techniques, decision-making, adaptability, ‎flexibility and crisis management.‎

Game theory is the study of strategic decision making by rational, ‎intelligent agents.‎

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