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An-Najah National University's Faculty of Law in collaboration with ‎different legal institutions in Palestine recently concluded its legal ‎education and practical training program.‎

The program was organized for third-and fourth-year students from ‎the University's Faculty of Law.‎

It is a structured training program designed to help participants ‎develop the practical, day-to-day skills they will need as lawyers in ‎the future. It promotes a better understanding of the profession by ‎bridging the gap between the academic realm and the real world

The program included 97 students from An-Najah's faculty of Law ‎and aimed to offer participants better view of legal practice in various ‎law institutions in Palestine.‎

Dr. Naeem Salameh, Dean of the Faculty of Law noted that this ‎program was part of the Faculty of Law's extracurricular activities. ‎He said that such training programs help today’s law students ‎become better lawyers tomorrow.‎

He added that offering such training programs prepares law students for the ‎future challenges they might face once they are out in the field with a ‎degree in hand. They help develop several other skills which are ‎useful in professional lives. They get an in-depth knowledge of ‎regulations or rules which help them secure a better job with some of ‎the most coveted employers.   ‎

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