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On Thursday, February 19, 2019, Professor Maher Natsheh, Acting ‎President of An-Najah received Prof. Daniel Burgos, Vice-Chancellor for ‎Research & Technology in the International University of La Rioja. The ‎visit was organized by the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teachers' ‎Training and the E-Learning Centre at the University.‎

The meeting focused on discussing possible means of academic ‎cooperation between the two ‎universities and was attended by the ‎University's faculty deans and a number of An-Najah’s ‎administrative and ‎academic bodies. ‎

At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Natsheh welcomed the guest ‎and expressed his delight about developing academic relations with the ‎UNIR in many academic fields. He briefed the guest on An-Najah's ‎history, development, students, campuses, academic programmes, ‎scientific centres and faculties. Lastly, they discussed the E-Learning ‎Centre which aims at adopting technology to enhance the quality of ‎higher ‎education in various fields to achieve the best educational and ‎training outcomes. He added that the University established the E-‎Learning Centre to provide its students and staff with a ‎friendly ‎educational environment and develop their academic skills.‎

In turn, Prof. Burgos commended An-Najah's role as a leading university ‎in ‎Palestine and for the strong academic relationships it cultivates with ‎international universities and ‎institutions around the world. ‎ He also gave ‎a presentation to the University's faculty deans on creativity and ‎innovation and the importance of technology in education and for the ‎future of higher education.‎

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