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A delegation from the Cooperation and Cultural Action Department at the Consulate ‎General of France in Jerusalem met ‎with Acting President of An-Najah National ‎University, Prof Maher Natsheh in Nablus at the ‎University. 

The visit aimed at learning about An-Najah and discussing further means of mutual ‎cooperation with the University. It also aimed at learning about French language ‎teaching and learning in Palestine.‎

Prof. Natsheh welcomed the delegation and briefed them on An-Najah’s programmes, ‎faculties and scientific centres and stressed the importance of developing further ‎cooperation with the Consulate General of France in terms of academic exchange and ‎joint research.‎

After the meeting, the Scholarships Office at the University held a lecture where Ms. ‎Elise Marne, Project officer for academic and scientific cooperation gave a presentation ‎on the scholarships offered by the French consulate. She then elaborated on the post-‎graduate scholarships; the requirements such as the GPA and the English level, the ‎deadlines for application and interviews and the provisions. At the end of lecture, Ms. ‎Marne answered the attendees’ questions on the subject.‎

The lecture aimed at introducing An-Najah senior students, graduates, staff members ‎and those who are interested to the scholarships and the short visits the French consulate ‎offers.‎

Finally, the delegation met with Dr. Wasim Bishawi, Head of the French Department at ‎An-Najah to discuss further cooperation with regards to French language teaching and ‎learning in the University.‎

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