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On Monday, November 13th, 2017, under the patronage of His Excellency the Prime Minister Professor Rami Hamdallah, the Faculty of Law at An-Najah National University in cooperation with the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) organized the Reconciliation and Transitional Justice in Palestine Conference at the Prince Turki Ben Abdul Aziz Theatre in the New Campus.

The conference was attended by the Prime Minister Prof. Rami Hamdallah, Dr. Varsen Shaheen, Commissioner General of ICHR, Dr. Ammar Duwaik, Director General of ICHR, Dr. Kherieh Rassas, Advisor to the Prime Minister, Prof. Maher Natsheh, Acting President of An-Najah, General Manager Akram Rajoub, the Governor of Nablus and Attorney Hasan Al-Ouri, the President's Legal Advisor as well as a large number of prominent figures and An-Najah students.

In the opening speech Dr. Moayad Hattab, Dean of the Faculty of Law mentioned that the conference coincides with the Declaration of Independence, the International Day for Tolerance and the completion of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement.

He added that the conference discusses the role of the civil society and the academic community in supporting the Palestinian reconciliation and reinforcing transitional justice in Palestine.

Prof. Natsheh commended President Mahmoud Abbas, the Prime Minister and the Egyptian Government for their endeavors to unite the Palestinian people. He called for establishing partnership based on justice and equality and working hard to implement political, economic and social justice.

Dr. Shaheen stressed the importance of implementing transitional justice in the frame of the current Palestinian situation and providing security and safety to the citizens and protecting their rights. She said that Palestinians should work together to restore trust in the Palestinian institutions and show respect for the law in a unified, modern and impartial judiciary system that contributes to the establishment of judicial measures and procedures to support reconciliation and end division.

In his speech, Prof. Hamdallah transferred President Abbas greetings and said that the Palestinian Government sat plans to reconstruct the land in Gaza and stressed the importance of the citizens' safety and security in all parts of the West Bank.

He added: "Despite the difficulties that hindered our institutional work and the donors attitude who made commitments at the Cairo Conference, from which we received only 37% of the total funding, we managed to implement electricity, water, infrastructure and education projects. We also rehabilitated and provided funding for 76% of the completely destroyed houses and repaired 63% of houses that were partially destroyed by the Israeli occupation."

He finally said that the Government has recently joined a growing network of international agreements and organizations regarding human rights to improve the human rights system in Palestine.

The conference included three sessions. The first session titled: "The Rule of Law in Relation to Transitional Justice: The Palestinian Situation" included presentations for four papers; namely, "Transitional Justice and Human Rights, an Objective Approach to End Political Division" by Dr. Ammar Dwiek, "The Impact of Political Division on The Legal System in Palestine" by the president's legal advisor, Hasan Al-Ouri, "National Reconciliation; Mechanisms and Application Guarantees" by Dr. Nabil Sha’th, "Amnesty and Pardon in The Transitional Justice Phase in Palestine" by Dr. Nasser Al-Sha'er.

The second session titled: "Democracy as a Guarantee for Transitional Justice" included the papers: "The role of Religious Tolerance in Strengthening the Values of Citizenship in Palestine" by Father Attallah Hanna, "Pardon and Forgiveness in Relation to Religious Thought" by Dr. Ali Al-Sartawi, "The Role of Society in the Establishment of National Reconciliation Rules" by Prof. Dalal Salameh.

Finally the third session titled: "Prospects of Transitional Phase" included discussing four papers; namely, "Guarantees for preserving the Palestinian Reconciliation and Promoting National Unity" by Mr. Hani Al-Masri, "Elections and Political Participation as a requirement for Democratic Transition and Change" by Mr. Bassam Al-Salhi, "A Feminist Perspective in promoting Reconciliation" by Mrs. Rima Nazzal and "The Palestinian Situation and the Challenges that Face the Application of Transitional Justice" by Mr. Essam Younis.

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