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So far, An-Najah National University has achieved prominent progress in terms of scientific research in Palestine. This progress comes as a result of the rich research produced by the university researchers according to Scopus.

Six of the university researchers were among the top 10 researchers in Palestine. The researchers are: Professor Waleed Sweileh ranked first with 110 research papers, Dr. Saed Zyoud second with 105 papers and Prof. Ismael Warrad third with 91 papers. Also Dr. Samah Al-Jabi was ranked fifth with a total of 88 research papers, Prof. Shehdeh Joudeh ranked sixth with 84 papers and Prof. Ansam Sawalha ranked 10th with 68 papers.

It is worth mentioning that the university always encourages its researchers through offering a number of research awards for papers published by high impact international journals.

An-Najah research production multiplied from 50 papers in 2012 to 140 in 2016.  According to Thomson Reuters and on An-Najah level, Dr. Zyoud was ranked first (84 papers), Prof. Sweileh ranked second (74 papers), Dr. Al-Jabi ranked third (70 papers), Prof. Warrad ranked fourth (51 papers) and Prof. Hikmat Hilal ranked fifth (47 papers). Then comes Prof. Sawalha in the sixth place (43 papers), Prof. Sameer Khdair in seventh (41 papers), Prof. Joudeh in eighth (35 papers), Prof. Radi Daoud in ninth (33 papers) and Abdel Naser Zaid in tenth (33 papers).

On this occasion, Prof. Maher Natsheh, Acting President of An-Najah thanked the university staff for their consistent efforts to achieve this progress and reach this status. He added that the university is working on more future developments to maintain its status and achieve excellence in scientific research and other disciplines.

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