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My name is Lea and I came from France to meet the amazing people of Palestine ‎through the International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) of An-Najah National ‎University‏.‏

By: Lea - France

All over the country, we had the chance to talk, listen, see them, and discover their ‎incredible resilience, strength, kindness, humour, and intelligence. They, the ‎volunteers of Zajel Program, took care of our safety, our comfort of body and mind ‎all the time. Coming to Palestine is not easy, we hear and witness hard stories and ‎situations, but the volunteers, with their long experience, know how to make it ‎easier‏.‏

They taught us so much historical facts and visits, in this so special area of the ‎world; actual social issues: women status, life in refugee camps, economical status ‎and issues in Palestine etc.; traditions: food, dances, weddings, agriculture, artisanal ‎works; nature: Dead Sea, desert, mountains and a lot of Palestinian art also. The ‎training workshops we offered were also great moments of shares, joy, and pride‏.‏

In the end, I will never forget the great and deep encounters I have made here with ‎all of them. Thank you so much. By this testimony, I hope I will be able to encourage ‎a lot of people to come here. Forget your fears, trust them, you will not regret it‏.‏

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