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Within fully funded scholarships from the French Consulate in Jerusalem, two ‎colleagues of French Language specialization and I were chosen by the instructors of ‎the French Department to participate and benefit from the intensive French courses ‎at the University of Rennes 2 for three weeks.

By: Duha Sholi

I lived a new wonderful experience in France. It added a lot to me on both the ‎personal and educational levels. I practiced the language everywhere with native ‎speakers and learners of it. I tried to forget all the languages I know and just focus on ‎French.

During my stay in Rennes, located in the Northwest of France, I studied ‎many courses focused on language skills and French culture. Moreover, there was a ‎well organized program of different interesting useful activities which included ‎cultural activities and many tours.

The tours’ objectives were to know new French ‎cities, unearth breathtaking islands, and to taste the main dishes which feature the ‎host country. My writing, speaking and listening skills have been improved. I have ‎became more passionate to learn more French. One more beautiful thing is that I met ‎a lot of new people of different nationalities, ages and religions. Nevertheless, we all ‎had the same aim which was: Learning French. I made everlasting friendships and ‎now because of this scholarship, I have friends from everywhere. Indeed, this ‎experience helped me refine my personality and change my perspective towards life ‎and future!‎

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