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Few years of my life have passed by between the halls of my university where I had to work ‎hard, be dedicated and face difficult times. I also remember all the good times and the ‎distinguished friends I knew as a freshman. My journey began in the Public Relations ‎Department which was definitely a hard start but ended beautifully.‎

By: Dalia Kharouf

I graduated from high school with a good GPA average. It was my dream to complete my ‎studies at An-Najah National University and register in a programme that fits my interests. I ‎was very happy with my GPA average, which allowed me to enter the specialization I wanted. ‎When I applied for the University, I was looking forward to enrolling in the law programme. ‎However, the PR programme drew my attention as its graduates have a flourishing future.‎

During my first year of study, I met many friends and had mutual respect with the department's ‎professors. As a public relations freshman, I took English courses to develop my English ‎competencies. This helped me to face some difficulties, but I had to study in another discipline. ‎Unfortunately, I encountered more difficulties but with great determination and will, I was able ‎to improve my skills and overcome the difficulties I had experienced during that semester.  ‎Luckily, I had a supportive family that helped me in every step to overcome the difficulties I ‎faced. However, in my second year, I volunteered at the AMIDEAST Office, which contributed ‎to improving my English skills. Also, it helped me deal with international delegations visiting ‎Palestine.   ‎

In my third year, I participated in various activities and seminars such as the “Expand Your ‎Reading Skills” and “I studied media”. One of my professors once said: “The keys to success ‎for journalists are good reading and language fluency”.  ‎

During the time, I volunteered in the Public Relations Department and benefited from many ‎participants and activities such as receiving school students and organizing seminars and ‎workshops. Thus, I gained enough experience that made me a confidant person. This was one of ‎the most important steps I have taken in my university life. I improved my practical skills ‎through participating in several course activities. The workshops included the “I am a ‎Palestinian” and the “I can” workshop. I also was an active participant with the public relations ‎skills course team, in which the Director of Rawabi Company was co-hosted. We were ‎influential that we grabbed the guest's attention instantly.   ‎

As a junior, I participated in organizing a workshop on etiquette and public relations, which ‎was part of the public relations etiquette course. The workshop was valuable that we drew the ‎audience attention specially the women who are specialists in public relations etiquette.    ‎

My participation in the launch of the “A Step to Your Dream” campaign which was part of the ‎public relations campaign and strategy course helped me to establish links with the campaign ‎sponsor Education for Employment Palestine. This gave me the opportunity to develop my ‎skills and experience in the field of public relations and benefit from the company which aims ‎to empower youth with the skills and opportunities they need to build careers that create a ‎better future for themselves.‎

At the beginning, I thought that once I enter the university, all I had to do was to wait for the ‎graduation moment with impatience. I have always thought that as long as I was a part of A-‎Najah, a certificate is waiting for me and I am going to pass the university years with ease or so ‎I thought. After that my perception of things changed. ‎

Throughout my university experience, I discovered my great abilities that I can achieve and ‎implement things I thought were impossible. I discovered talents in myself that I did not notice ‎before. I learned that the university is not just a book we are to study; it is the experience and ‎skills we gain through our follow up.‎

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