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By: Tala Shelbaieh

Last semester, I was granted a scholarship from the French Consulate General Jerusalem in ‎partnership with An-Najah National University. The scholarship was funded by Campus ‎France, an agency working under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and ‎Research that serves to promote higher education and assists in the mobility of students in ‎and out of France.‎

This scholarship allowed me to take a French language course at L'Alliance Française ‎Bordeaux-Aquitaine. During my time in France, I stayed with a French host family, and ‎that, in my opinion as a foreigner, is the best way to be fully immersed in the language and ‎culture of the country. At the Alliance Française, and after taking a placement exam, I was ‎placed in a class for the level B2.3.‎

The time I spent there was beneficial on many levels. Firstly, on an academic level, I got the ‎chance to learn about new topics, as well as experience new methods of teaching and ‎learning. Secondly, this scholarship allowed me to go through a journey of self-‎development as it helped me become more culturally aware, because I got to meet people ‎from various cultural backgrounds, including two Italian and Chinese exchange students ‎who were staying with the same host family. Moreover, this trip made me less dependent on ‎the people around me. Lastly, it gave me the opportunity to explore the city of Bordeaux, ‎because in addition to the classes, I also got to do a lot extracurricular activities thanks to a ‎programme organized by l’alliance française which allowed me to see the most important ‎historical and artistic monuments in Bordeaux such as the Museum of Contemporary Arts ‎and the Museum of Aquitaine.‎

I can honestly say that thanks to this scholarship, I am now more confident when speaking ‎in French, more understanding when talking to people from different cultural backgrounds ‎and more open to trying new things. And it is chances like this one that distinguish our ‎department from others at An-Najah National University.‎

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