Doctor of Medicine
Duration: 36 Months (3 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
Program Code
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Faculty Website
Program Description

MDP is the clinical phase of getting MD degree which is preceded by the phase of basic sciences. 
Students can register to MDP after acquisition of Bachelor in Biomedical sciences with total score not less than 2.5 and passing the required scores in TOEFL or ILETS 
MDP constitutes of a yearly study system which extends from 3-5 years in a manner that this clinical era is executed at health institutions in an interactive way with tutors and patients in health sciences environment
Students do gather in groups of 5-7 students each of which is supervised by a specialist through rotations that differ in periods according to the course being a major or subspecialty.
In spite of the program being based on yearly principle yet the opportunity for students is still there to repeat courses they didn’t pass before launching the new academic year, rendering them capable of timely graduation with their peers. 
Mission of the program may be summated in providing the community with qualified graduates in human medicine and enabling them to be involved in specialty programs. 
Vision may be summated in developing the career of Medicine and getting into its best advances. 
Goals are summated in supporting research and creating the infrastructure to recruit students and specialists with high qualifications. Along with graduating qualified personnel 

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