Mechatronics Engineering
Duration: 60 Months (5 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
Program Code
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
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Program Description

The Mechatronics Engineering program at An-Najah National University enrolled its first class of students in 2008 and has continuously operated since that time. In 2011 (the first graduation for the mechatronics program). The mechatronics engineering emphasizes core topics of mechatronics systems, technologies-computer, software, advanced control, sensors and actuators. Support topics are included to the mechatronics engineering curriculum as engineering statistics, economics, computing, graphics and technical communication. Additionally, support courses in mathematics and science are also included.

In 2010 the Mechatronics Engineering curriculum has been refined to better serve the student population and to maintain a continuous improvement of the overall educational experiences. The major changes to the program during the past four years include the following:

  • The advisory plan of the mechatronics program was reduced two hours credit, so that it become in total 161 credit hours instead of 163 credit hours.
  • Chemical Laboratory course (one credit hour) was added to the mechatronics plan program as well as applied Engineering Mathematics course (three credit hours)
  • Microprocessor II for mechatronics course (three credit hours) became program elective course instead of department requirement.
  • Material science for Mechatronics course was changed to two credit hours instead of three credit hours.

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