Fundamentals of Religion (Usool Al-Deen) with Arabic Minor
Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
Program Code
Faculty of Islamic Law
Program Description

On its continuous march to set a precedent of academic success, the Faculty of Islamic Law at An-Najah National University has recently offered the Fundamentals of Religion with Arabic Minor programme to meet the local market demands and meet the people’s religious and academic needs in Sharia Science and its various branches.
The faculty of Islamic Law offers a major programme in the fundamentals of religion and a minor one in Arabic language. It aims to prepare students to excel and possess the required skills in the field of Arabic language and literature, due to the close relationship that links the fundamentals of religion with the Arabic language. The major programme endeavors to make the graduates possess a good basic knowledge of the Holy Qur’an, the Sunnah and fiqh sciences and fundamentals as well as the methods of preaching and religious counseling and other related topics. In the minor programme, students are given the chance to strengthen their Arabic language skills.
The faculty of Islamic Law is one of the pioneer faculties at An-Najah University that aims to teach its students the Islamic laws derived from the Quran and the Hadith to produce competent graduates who can bear the great responsibility of communicating God's message.

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