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An-Najah University researchers Ramez Abdallah, Adel Juaidi and Mahmoud Assad from the Mechanical Engineering Department along with Tareq Salameh from the University of Sharjah and Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro University of Almeria, Spain conducted a research study titled: "Energy Recovery from Waste Tires Using Pyrolysis: Palestine as Case of Study". The research was published in Energies Journal,  monthly peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal with an impact factor of 2.7.

The study focused on the first industrial-scale pyrolysis plant for solid tire wastes which has been installed in Jenin, northern of the West Bank in Palestine, to dispose of the enormous solid tire wastes in the north of West Bank. The disposable process is an environmentally friendly process and it converts tires into useful products, which could reduce the fuel crisis in Palestine.

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