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An-Najah Business Innovation and Partnership Center (NaBIC) and the Palestinian Centre for Communication and Development Strategies (PCCDS) signed the Walter Project Support Agreement.

The parties were Dr. Yahya Saleh, Director of NaBIC, Mr. Jameel Drbashi, Board Chair of PCCDS, and student Abdel Fatah Shahadeh from the Faculty of Engineering and IT at An-Najah University, the owner of Walter project.

The Walter project has received the Palestine Prize for Creativity and Excellence in Technical Solutions for Sustainable Development.

The project is represented in a special bathtub design with a filtration system and a built-in water tank. Collected shower water is pumped from the built-in tank located under the bathtub to the toilet tank to be reused.

The main purpose of the project is to save the largest possible amount of water consumed in houses, by reducing the amount of water used for activities that consume huge amounts of water and do not actually require fresh water usage like the toilet. The project should be able to save more than 40% of household water consumption.

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