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An-Najah University's Career and Alumni ‎Affairs Unit in cooperation ‎with Injaz institution, Google Arabia and Cortoba Technologies, ‎recently organized a workshop on online ‎marketing skills.‎

The workshop aimed to prepare students for the employment market ‎and introduces them to the core principles of online marketing ‎through a foundational knowledge to each. It also makes them able to ‎distinguish between traditional and digital techniques, whilst also ‎gaining insight into creating, implementing and measuring effective ‎online marketing campaigns.‎

Furthermore, it provides students with a basic introduction to digital ‎media functions and key online marketing skills and strategies from ‎mobile marketing, social media marketing as well as marketing via ‎email.‎

This workshop was organized as part of the University's ‎extracurricular activities to develop students' professional skills. The ‎workshop was attended by Mr. Bilal Bsharat, Co-Founder and CEO ‎at Cortoba Technologies, the Director of the Career and Alumni ‎‎Affairs Unit Mr. Rafi Daraghmeh and Dr. Sam Fuqaha, Head of ‎Marketing Department at An-Najah University. ‎

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