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The Competency Development Unit of An-Najah National University, in ‎cooperation with Palestine INJAZ resumed conducting interviews ‎for students within the program of (The Students Company). This ‎program provides practical training for student participants, who initiate ‎starting up their own companies with all the administrative, financial ‎and marketing aspects and under the direct supervision of the ‎consultants from the Palestinian private sector. The participants collect ‎the capital of their company’s by selling shares to shareholders and ‎select a product or service provided by the company and market it. ‎

The subervisor and trainer; Eng. Abdel-Latif Sobeih participated in ‎interviewing students. Sobeih works in the Palestinian Accreditation ‎Unit in the Ministry of National Economy. ‎

The program is executed in four Palestinian universities, including An-‎Najah National University. It is implemented by INJAZ Palestine in ‎cooperation with the Capital Market Authority and Talal Abu Ghazaleh ‎Group. Students who take part of this program will be trained about ‎topics including company start up, entrepreneurship, business ‎development, etc.‎

Each university will be represented by a team of 15 members of male ‎and female students, who established a company. The teams of the ‎universities will compete locally for the national title of (best ‎entrepreneurship student university company). The national winning ‎student company will reach a regional competition for student ‎companies in the Arab world. It is worth noting that the training for ‎students will start after the selection of students through the interviews.‎

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