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Sharek Youth Forum in cooperation with Competency Development Unit (CDU) at An-Najah University celebrated the graduation of the 5th cohort of Tamayyaz program. The program included 35 students from different academic programs who completed 50 hours.

Tamayyaz develops a network of youth across the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza. The program is implemented in partnership with the private sector, Palestinian universities, and civil society organizations.

Grounded in the 3 pillars of self-development, guided learning, and active citizenship, the Tamayyaz program holistically empowers young people to become more employable, active, and engaged citizens. This approach ensures that youth are not seen only as cogs within the labour force, but as individual human beings with their own needs and objectives.

The ceremony attendees discussed different topics about competitiveness in job market, graduates skills and globalization and the labor market.

Prof. Mohammad AL-Subu, Vice President for Academic Affairs talked about An-Najah strategy that focuses on student skills, encouraging entrepreneurial project and innovation. He also mentioned that the University aims to network cooperation with partner institutions through the CDU and other university units.

In addition, student Asma' Zbeidieh, one of Tamayyaz graduates, eloquently presented her experience in the program as well as the skills she gained during its activities.

At the end of the closing ceremony, Ms. Suheir Alsaleh, CDU Coordinator briefed the attendees on the Unit's work and announced the launch of the 6th edition of Tamayyaz program.

The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Yousef Haj Qassem from Sharek Youth Forum, Dr. Rani Shahwan, Director of the Korean-Palestinian IT Institute of Excellence and the Continuing Education Unit and university students.

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