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Ms. Suheir AL-Saleh, Competency Development Unit Coordinator at An-Najah University participated in [email protected]: Youth Entrepreneurship Conference in Mersin, Turkey.

The conference aimed to create a space for the actors of the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem from various countries from the European Union and partner neighboring countries to meet and learn from one another, discover the local context of Turkey and bring innovative solutions to the challenges young entrepreneurs face and come up with new collaboration ideas, network, share knowledge and good practices.

The conference’s opening session included speeches by Mr. Igor TASIC from Spain and Mr. Erdem GENÇ from Turkey who shared their entrepreneurship vision, experience and knowledge. 

Moreover, Ms. Al-Saleh visited the Young Entrepreneurship Center of Mersin University, which is the newest model in the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem, among four centers run by State Universities. There, she was part of two sessions: one on discovering the Young Entrepreneur Centre of Mersin University, called Entrepreneurship Harbor located in the Mersin University Campus and another to listen to Sarah Endline, a guest speaker from the United States.

It is worth mentioning that the conference was organized by the Turkish National Agency, funded by Erasmus+ program and attended by 80 participants from Arab, European and Asian countries.

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