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An-Najah National University's Competency Development Unit in ‎‎collaboration with INJAZ ‎Palestine concluded a training course titled: ‎‎"BE an Entrepreneur". Participants included 80 students from the ‎University's different faculties.‎

The training amid to develop the university students' general business ‎skills, which they need as much as specialist knowledge in the future ‎to be entrepreneurs. It also aimed to equip them with the right skills ‎needed for the labour market.‎

The training covered different topics most important are: the concept ‎of entrepreneurship, developing business plans and planning, ‎marketing and administration skills. ‎

INJAZ Palestine targets students from early ages to provide them with ‎skills that empowers youth in the economic aspects. It aims to create ‎an empowered generation of young entrepreneurs who will become ‎the social and economic leaders of Palestine's future. ‎

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