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Under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Professor Rami Hamdallah, the Faculty of Graduate ‎Studies at An-Najah National University, Nablus-Palestine cordially invites you to attend

The Second Palestinian International Graduate Conference on Natural, Medical and Health Sciences ‎and Humanities‏) ‏SPIGCNMHSH 2017)‎

SPIGCNMHSH 2017, organized by faculty of graduate studies at An-Najah National University and in ‎collaboration with Palestinian universities, provides opportunities for post-graduate Students, ‎researchers, lecturers and practitioners to present their latest research work and findings, in addition ‎to a forum for discussion and academic networking.‎

Natural Sciences:‎

Basic and Applied Sciences including:‎

Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Medical Sciences, Agricultural ‎Sciences, Geology and Environmental Sciences.

Engineering Sciences including:‎

Engineering Management, Architecture engineering, Water & Environment Engineering, Roads ‎& Transport Engineering, Engineering of Clean Energy & Conversation Strategy, Civil ‎Engineering, Natural Resources and Urban & Regional Planning.

Medical & Health Sciences including:‎

Public Health, Nurse Anesthesia, Critical Care Nursing, Community Mental Health Nursing, ‎Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Clinical Psychology.

Humanities including:‎

Arabic Language & Literature, Applied Linguistics & Translation, History, Geography, ‎Jurisprudence and Legislation (Fiqh & Tashree'), Fundamentals of Islamic Law (Usul Al-Din), ‎Business Administration (MBA), Economic Policy Management, Planning and Political ‎Development, Taxation Disputes, Accounting, Women's Studies, Educational Administration, ‎Curriculum & Teaching Methods, Public Law, Private Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property ‎and Innovation Management, Physical Education, Psychological and Educational Counseling, ‎Finance.‎

The conference aims at:‎

  • ‎Emphasizing the role of Palestinian universities as a source of knowledge development and ‎‎highlighting their role in community service.
  • ‎Promoting and developing scientific research among researchers, professors and students.
  • ‎Encouraging creativity and excellence among graduate students through active ‎participation in ‎the conference.
  • ‎Reviewing research papers in the fields of natural, medical, health and human sciences and ‎‎assessing their relevance to community needs.
  • ‎‎Taking advantage of the vast experience in academic and research fields and benefiting of ‎‎knowledge and modern technology in Palestine.
  • ‎Promoting scientific collaboration between An-Najah and local, Middle Eastern and ‎‎international universities.‎
  • ‎Expanding scientific research skills among graduate students assisting the development of ‎‎scientific research and publication.
  • ‎Developing the general knowledge of participating students on the mythologists used in ‎‎scientific exploration.
  • ‎Promoting scientific communication between researchers and students from different ‎fields ‎and universities to reinforce scientific collaboration as a global strategy to enhance all fields ‎of ‎study through research.

Abstract Information

  • ‎‎Abstracts should be a summary of the presentation to be delivered and must not exceed ‎one ‎page (including title, author(s) and affiliations).‎
  • ‎Abstracts must be single spaced with a clear line between paragraphs.‎
  • ‎Tables, graphs, images and references must not be included.‎

Layout Guidelines

  • ‎Title: The abstract title should be concise, informative and includes the major key words.‎
  • ‎Authors: Abstract titles should be followed by authors’ last name and first initial. Numbers ‎‎must be used to indicate the author’s institution- placed in brackets, followed by city and ‎country ‎‎(in this order). You don’t need to include professional titles (e.g. Dr., Prof., etc).‎
  • ‎Abstract Body: Times New Roman 12-point, single-spaced, maximum one page. A properly ‎‎submitted abstract text will include the elements: Purpose or Goal, Methods and Materials, ‎‎Results and Conclusions.
  • The submitted abstracts will be published in a book and distributed at the conference. The ‎‎submitted abstracts will be accepted for publication after being reviewed.‎

Online Submission of Abstract: [email protected]

if you would like to see an example, click here to download the abstract template file

Layout Guidelines

  • Poster boards must NOT EXCEED  100 x 160 cm size. ‎
  • Posters should be prepared in advance and attached to the poster board by the author at the ‎beginning of the poster session. Materials to fix posters on boards will be provided at the desk ‎located in the poster area.‎
  • Poster shall be organized in sections:‎
    • The title, names of the authors (with the name of the presenter underlined), ‎institutions, city and country
    • Introduction, poster body and conclusions
    • Tables, graphs, images and references may  be included in poster body
  • The recommended size for poster is 90 x 120 cm.‎
  • Do not mail us your poster.‎
  • Main presenter or a member of the presenting team should attend next to his/her poster ‎during the assigned poster session.‎
  • Your Poster number, time of presentation and location will be e-mailed to you.‎
  • Posters should be in English.‎
  • Poster prizes will be awarded by the conference committee.‎
  • Deadline for submitting abstracts: April 10th, 2017‎
  • Notifications of receipt sent by: April 13th, 2017‎

Abstracts must be sent to [email protected].‎

Conference Sponsor:‎
Professor Rami Hamdallah‏ ‏‎, Prime Minister of the State of Palestine‎

Conference President:‎
Professor Maher Natsheh, Acting President of An-Najah National U‎niversity

Advisory Board:‎

  • Dr. Mohammed Amleh
  • Dr. Sabri Naser
  • Eng. Adnan Samara
  • Prof. Naji Qatanani
  • Dr. Nizam Deab
  • Dr. Abdulrahman Abu Libda
  • Dr. Rana Samara
  • Prof. Talal Shahwan
  • Prof. Hasan Salwadi
  • Prof. Hasan Dweik
  • Dr. Wade Sultan
  • Prof. Ghassan Helou
  • Prof. Jamil Khader
  • Prof. Radwan Barakat
  • Dr. Murad Abu Subeih
  • Prof. AbdelRaouf Manamah
  • Dr. Amin Tawfiq Hamad
  • Prof. Abdel Rahim Ashour
  • Dr. Anwar Zakarya
  • Dr. Khaled Kanaan

Organizing Committee:‎

  • Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Dr. Mohammed Suleiman
  • Dr. Khalil Issa
  • Dr. Fayez Mahamid
  • Dr. Iyad Saadeddin
  • Dr. Nader Qasim
  • Dr. Ahmad Rafat
  • Dr. Ali Abed Hamid
  • Dr. Rowa Ramahi
  • Prof. Issam Rashid Ashqer
  • Dr. Maen Ishtaiwi

Correspondence Committee:‎

  • Dr. Mohammed Suleiman
  • Mr. Mohammed Morshed
  • Eng. Nisreen Hamadneh

Social Activities Committee:‎

  • Dr.  Nidal Zaatar (Coordinator)
  • Mr.  Omair Nablusi
  • Dr. Amjad Abu El Ezz
  • Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shqair
  • Dr. Mohyeddin Assali
  • Dr. Samar Al-Shakhshir

Scientific Committees:‎
Scientific Committee for Natural Sciences:

  • Prof. Ismail Warad (Coordinator)‎
  • Dr. Khalid Alsahili
  • Dr. Hasan Abo Qaoud
  • Dr. Maan Eshtawi
  • Dr. Tammer Khateb
  • Prof. Issa El-Nahhal

Scientific Committee for Health and Medicinal Sciences:

  • Dr. Rewaa AlRamahi (Coordinator)‎
  • Prof.  Abdel Naser Zeid
  • Dr. Khalil Issa
  • Dr. Aidah Alkaissi
  • Dr. Hamzeh Al zabadi
  • Dr. Nidal Jaradat‎

Scientific Committee for Humanities:‎

  • Dr. Fayez Mahamid (Coordinator)‎
  • Dr. Saida Affouneh
  • Dr. Saed Al-Koni
  • Dr. Muath Asmar
  • Dr. Ahmad Rafat
  • Dr. Nader Qasem
  • Dr. Naeem Salameh

Please, fill the following form  and send it to the email of the conference [email protected]

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