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An-Najah University Status and Response

In Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak, An-Najah National University ‎stands at the forefront of global efforts to understand the coronavirus ‎‎(COVID-19) and protect the Palestinian Community.‎

We are working at the University to continue to deliver world-class ‎teaching and research, from cutting edge research to new modes of ‎teaching and assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic.‎

Since the beginning of coronavirus pandemic, the University has been ‎implementing protective measures, following health authority guidelines ‎to assure the safety for its students, employees, and local community.‎

Also, the University has been offering its material and human resources ‎to continue serving the local and international community throughout the ‎pandemic. ‎

As part of its community responsibility, the University has contributed ‎to the fight against the pandemic by providing the Palestinian Ministry ‎of Health with an advanced medical device used to diagnose COVID-19. ‎The aim of this step was to reduce pressure on the country’s health ‎system.‎

An-Najah's Medicine scientists and researchers have launched several ‎research projects as part of the global response to COVID-19. Some aim ‎to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease; others aim to understand how ‎it spreads and how people’s immune systems respond to it as well as ‎present recommendations for safe and effective practice of interventional ‎cardiology during COVID-19 pandemic. ‎

Moreover, the University organizes a series of Webinars titled: 'Palestine ‎During COVID 19: Impact, Response, and Co-Existence'. The aim of ‎these webinars is to tackle both the immediate and long term effects of ‎COVID-19 on Palestine and discuss the obstacles to e-learning in the ‎Palestinian higher education institutions.‎

In the same context, the University signed several MOUs, which aim to ‎reinforce cooperation in terms of scientific and research projects in ‎medical fields, especially with regards to detecting proteins and genes ‎that indicate how the Corona virus functions, and trying to find an ‎efficient cure for this pandemic.‎

In response to the same problem, the University is committed to ‎supporting its students, and ensuring that education and research can ‎continue on through this challenging time.‎

In many respects, the University shifted to remote instruction rhymes. ‎Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and many other ‎applications are being used heavily. This reality has forced a crash ‎course for online learning plans and technology for students and faculty.‎

Aa such, the University has made all of its learning resources freely ‎accessible for all to give academics, and students increased access to ‎learning resources during this difficult period. This was done by the ‎University's E-Learning Center which obtained the ISO 9001:2015 ‎Certification. The Centre offers competency development training to the ‎academic staff and e-courses as well open courses for the University ‎students.‎

It is worth mentioning that a crisis committee was implemented to ‎propose solutions and evaluate the impacts of the pandemic for the ‎University. ‎

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