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Dr. Mahmoud Abu- Moyes, the Minister of Higher Education and ‎Scientific Research visited An-Najah's E-Learning Center to have an ‎overview of the e-learning strategy, which will be implemented to ‎guarantee the continuation of education during the Coronavirus ‎Pandemic.

Dr. Abu Moyes met with Prof. Maher Natsheh, the University President, ‎Dr. Kherieh Rassas, ‎Vice President for International Development and ‎External Affairs, and Dr. Saida Affouneh, Director of the E-Learning ‎Center.‎

Dr. Affouneh talked in details about the Center's strategy and the ‎dramatic change of the educational process, whereby teaching is ‎undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. She also talked about ‎remote learning, and mentioned that the University is ready to support ‎students and staff with regards to e-learning. ‎

Dr. Abu Moyes in turn commended An-Najah University for being the ‎fastest university to respond to COVID-19 crisis with regards to e-‎learning. He added that the University has been working on setting this ‎strategy for 10 years now, and stressed on the importance of working ‎together to enhance the quality of higher education at all levels.‎

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