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A specialized medical team from An-Najah National University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences presented scientific recommendations about dealing with patients who go through kidney and urinary surgeries in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic. This research was presented by Dr. Faris Abushamma and Dr. Ahmad Jaradat and other ten doctors and consultants from the UK, Jordan, Qatar, and the UAE.

Titled: "Recommendations and algorithm to deal with urological surgeries in the Middle East during COVID-19 Pandemic: Review article and regional expert opinion", the paper reviews the international guidance about how to deal with urological surgeries in the Middle East based on current international data in order to provide safety to healthcare workers, without scarifying patient’s health and priority.  The paper postulated an algorithm and set recommendations which can serve as guidance during COVID 19 pandemic in the Middle East.

The research paper is the first specialized one in this topic from the Middle East. It will be a referral and reference paper for future researches in the medical field.

Full research:

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