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Mr. Rafe Daraghma, Director of Career and Alumni Affairs Unit at An-Najah University participated in the online training on Strategic Advocacy and Change. The training is part of YouMatch project implemented in cooperation with GIZ.

In essence, the training aimed to talk about how the Guidelines and the Toolkit to be developed in the frame of the ILO process on the strategic planning of Job Centers can be utilized in the Palestinian context to further improve the services of the employment corners by strengthening public-private cooperation mechanisms.

The Training was moderated by Dr. Sybil Dümchen , the Managing Partner of the Project. It focused on how to set and achieve effective goals, principles of change management, constructing database for participating members and the contribution of partners to define obstacles. It also focused on working to manage change by identifying the target categories and analyzing mechanisms of supporting change, factors affecting it and the importance of motivation to make it happen.

In addition, the training shed light on the importance of gathering information through observations and surveys, brain storming groups, interviews and research studies. The attendees also discussed making the change plan to move on in the right career path to achieve goals successfully.

The training took place from July 6 - 9, 2020 through the MS Team strategy consisting of 18 credit hours. It included five participating groups from Germany, Jordan, Namibia, Rwanda and Palestine.

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