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Graduates Sara Arafat and Sara Steitieh, International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) volunteers have recently participated in a volunteering camp in Düzce, Turkey which was over three weeks. The camp included volunteers from different parts if the world and was dedicated to teach children English language skills.

Zajel encourages An-Najah students and graduates to be part of the International Labor Organization (ILO) annual volunteering camps in Europe. The camps activities tackle topics in health care, engineering, environment, alternative energy, community service, pedagogy, sports, fine arts, agriculture and human rights.

Steitieh, law graduate, talked about her experience: "It was an amazing experience that taught me how to be a responsible person, how to get along with other cultures and be adventurous and self-independent. I experienced cultural diversity, enjoyed the beautiful landscape there and loved the team work. It was an experience worth remembering."

Arafat, also law student, said: "My days in Turkey were filled with love and joy as we dealt with children and taught them some English skills. We learned about various cultures, and we tried to raise awareness of the Palestinian culture and cause. We also learned many things on the personal level such as self-independence and work under stress. This experience was the best of my life."

ILO is a United Nations agency whose mandate is to advance social justice and promote decent work by setting international labour standards.

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