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Mr. Abdirahman Aynte, Director of the Strategic Partnerships Division at UNRWA, ‎Amman expressed his deepest gratitude to Engineer Ghazi Mortaja, Director of the ‎Media Centre and to An-Najah Broadcasting Channel (NBC) for the strong solidarity ‎with Palestine refugees this year through the channel.‎

Mr. Aynte paid tribute to the Channel's support that enabled UNRWA to overcome one ‎of the most challenging years in its 70-year history overcoming 446 million USD ‎shortfall, which was a direct result of the US Government’s decision to stop funding ‎UNRWA.‎

He stressed the importance of supporting Palestine refugees at their most vulnerable ‎moment which made a consequential difference and reported that UNRWA shortfall for ‎‎2018 now stands less than 20 million USD.‎

He commended the role of NBC in achieving this accomplishment through free ‎advertisement spots it has allocated to UNRWA this year opening many funding ‎opportunities for them and reconnecting them with the Arab World in ways which they ‎have not seen for decades.‎

Mr. Aynte concluded his letter: "We remain grateful to you for the unwavering ‎commitment to help Palestine refugees realize their full human potential. And we ‎sincerely hope to continue partnering with you."‎

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