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On Tuesday, February 6th, 2018, Professor Maher Natsheh, Acting President of An-Najah University and Dr. Kherieh Rassas, An-Najah’s Vice President for International Development and External Affairs hosted Mr. Philip Hope, Consul General of the British Consulate General Jerusalem to promote mutual cooperation in the field of academia between An-Najah and British universities.

Professor Maher Natsheh thanked Mr. Philip Hope and commended the Consulate's role in creating ties and facilitating academic exchanges between An-Najah and British universities.

He briefed Mr. Hall on An-Najah's history, academic development, and programs as well as the various specializations it offers, and its scientific centers. He also talked about the financial and political obstacles that higher education in Palestine faces in terms of attracting international students and staff to Palestinian universities.

In turn, Dr. Rassas welcomed the guest and talked about the challenges that might face Palestinian students and academics while studying abroad especially during their travels in vacations.

Dr. Rassas also praised the British Council's role in supporting higher education in Palestine; through scholarships offered by the Council to students and staff members wishing to complete their studies abroad.

Finally, Professor Natsheh stated that the university always aspires to reinforce cooperation and academic relations with British universities. He also expressed An-Najah’s appreciation of the British Council’s consistent support.

Mr. Hall thanked Professor Natsheh and Dr. Rassas for their hospitality and commended An-Najah’s role as a leading university in Palestine and the distinct academic relations it has with institutions around the world. Then he expressed the Consulate's deep interest in developing its relationships with the University and said that the consulate is ready to offer assistance for university students and staff members to pursue their higher education at British universities. 

The guest was given a tour of An-Najah’s new campus including the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Media Centre, including its various sections, such as TV and radio studios, as well as the different units that make up the Centre.


The meeting was also attended by Ms. Nicola Righini, Head of Middle East Peace Process Engagement and Programmes in the British Embassy, Mr. Khalid Mufleh, Acting Director of the Public Relations Department and the International Office at An-Najah.

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