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Professional Development

An-Najah offers extracurricular activities such as training workshops and ‎symposiums and other projects and programmes that include practical training ‎to develop students and staff professional skills. It also offers exchange ‎programmes and scholarships to American and European universities.

Students' Practical Training

An-Najah aims at developing its students’ practical knowledge in cooperation ‎with community ‎organizations of practical training. Practical training ‎introduces students to the labour market during ‎their academic studies and ‎offers them an opportunity to acquire important practical skills in ‎various ‎areas of specialization. It also drills in students commitment to work, creative ‎thinking and ‎teamwork which gives students an early exposure to work ‎experiences and facilitate involving ‎graduates with the labour market.‎

An-Najah is implementing several projects in cooperation with the Palestinian ‎Food Industries ‎Union that covers 47 well-established food industry firms ‎covering 10 subsectors.‎

Training Courses

An-Najah holds training courses in various scientific fields such as computer training, language, ‎management, economic feasibility, tourism guidance, surveying, electricity, Geographic ‎Information Systems (GIS) and AutoCAD that produce competent graduates meeting the needs ‎of the labour market.‎‏ ‏Therefore, An-Najah has established the Korean-Palestinian IT Institute of ‎Excellence, the Continuing Education UnitCompetency Development Unit and the Career Unit.

Foreign Language Capabilities

An-Najah established the Language Resource Centre to provide learners ‎with the necessary lingual skills and resources. The centre homes students from ‎various faculties and offers training courses moderated by a qualified staff of international volunteers.

The university also established the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Institute that aims at developing its foreign enrollees skills in Arabic language and introducing them to the Arabic and Islamic culture.

Languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Turkish

Cultural Exchange

An-Najah aims at promoting the Palestinian culture to the world through cultural exchange and mutual understanding.‎
The International Youth Exchange Programme (Zajel) receives volunteers from all over the world to be in touch with the ‎Palestinians and learn about the Palestinian cause and political realities.‎


  • Voluntary work placements allow international volunteers to contribute to An-Najah development in various ways, for ‎example; it allows them to teach English and establish contacts with youth organizations worldwide.‎
  • Summer camps are organized annually for a period of three weeks; volunteers from all over the world are brought ‎together to work at An-Najah and local refugee camps. These camps aim at creating a nostalgic relationship between ‎the international volunteers and Palestine.‎
  • Video conferences aim at engaging lecturers and students from Palestine and other parts of the world in an open ‎dialogue on important and controversial topics within the Middle East. ‎
  • Study visits allow participants to examine other views of conflicts in the Middle East. They last for one or two days ‎and include workshops, lectures and meetings with Palestinian leaders giving valuable insights into this complex ‎region.‎

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