Industrial Engineering
Duration: 60 Months (5 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
Program Code
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
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Program Description

According to the Institute of Industrial Engineers IIE, the Industrial Engineering are those that are interested in engineering design, development, and construction of an integrated system consisting of people, materials, information, machinery and energy. It requires a specialized skill in mathematics, physics, social sciences and management knowledge are all together, in addition to the basics and methods of engineering analysis and design to know and predict developments and finding the results from the system.
It is worth mentioning, that in spite of that the word industry is also known as common, linked to industrial enterprises, but it applies to any institution and organization, we can apply the principles, concepts and tools of industrial engineering in all sectors, whether productivity (factories) or service-(Advisory institutions, hospitals, banks, etc. ...).

To achieve excellence in industrial engineering education, community service, and applied research, to provide local and regional markets with highly qualified graduates.
Contributing to the advancement and development of Palestinian society by preparing excellent industrial engineering professionals for both manufacturing and service sectors through an interactive curriculum to current and future needs, market-driven research, highly qualified staff, well-equipped laboratories, effective training on latest technologies, sustainable industry interaction, and positive atmosphere for students, faculty and staff.
Program objectives:
The Industrial Engineering program at An-Najah National University commits itself to the following Program Educational Objectives (PEO):
PEO 1: Be effective in applying various tools of industrial engineering in an integrated fashion to solve real world problems to cater for the needs of various industrial sectors.
PEO 2: Become leaders in their profession equipped with professional and ethical responsibilities.
PEO3: Purse successful career, both nationally and internationally, sustained by life-long learning experiences.

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