Ceramic Art
Duration: 48 Months (4 Years)
Degree Awarded: Bachelor
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Faculty of Fine Arts
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Program Description

What distinguishes this specialization in Ceramics at An-Najah National University is not the mere fact of its being the only program which awards a B.A. degree in this specialization in the country, but rather because of the grand quality of education which the college of Fine Arts affords its students.  There is no denying that this major provides prospective applicant/students with the necessary theoretical and applied knowledge and skills in clay, pottery, and ceramics and anything which comes along and has to do with the preparation and various formation of this raw material.  In addition, this major affords students the opportunity to learn about the techniques and methods of burning and glazing for the sake of reaching perfection and in order to allow students to create a genuine work of art with all its aesthetic, technological, and artistic meaning through the use of the proper instruments such as ovens and electrical wheels.  Furthermore, this program provides students with the supporting skills pertaining to drawing and the making of moulds, heat printing, and methods of decoration along with providing students field-training opportunities at certain locations which care a great deal for such specialization.    

This program cares a great deal about deepening students’ awareness of the national culture through their exposure to the art of ceramics and pottery which stand as a witness to the history of this country and the cultures that have been alive throughout the life time of this region.   This program is designed in such a way to reflect the theoretical grounding of the history of pottery and its extended periods in the Palestinian history; and to afford students the practical training they need which culminates in enabling students to manage and run an art plant effectively.   In addition, the program affords students the opportunity to enhance their innovation and creativity through offering advanced courses dealing with ceramic walls, manual designing that high lights students’ individuality and special character.

This is an instance where students will be able to display their artistic ability and put them on solid grounding for a real professional career on the local, regional, world level.

The prospects for graduates of ceramics and fine arts are promising on the ground that there is a lack of graduates in this profession in the Palestinian community in addition to the fact that there are many job opportunities for students with this major.  For instance, graduates in this major can open their workshops in which they can develop their own techniques which give them the opportunity to open personal exhibitions through which they can obtain a personal income as well as being an entry to popularity and fame.    Furthermore, distinguished graduates in this major can work for educational institution and academia since there is a real need for highly talented graduates in this field.  Graduates of fine arts and ceramics can also work at public and private schools teaching fine arts and crafts whose curriculum has too much designing.

Admission Conditions:

To gain admission to the college of Fine Arts prospective applicants should fulfill the following  

  1. Should have a grade point average (referred to herein as GPA) of 60% or above in the General  Secondary School Examination;

   2.Should pass a Placement Test in ceramics.

Ceramics is one of the departments of designing arts. To get a B.A. students of ceramics have to 
complete (124) credit hours. These include university and college compulsory and elective requirements in addition to departmental requirements

Study requirements for obtaining a B.A. in Ceramics: 

The Department of Plastic Art at the college of Fine Arts is pleased to offer a specialization in Ceramics which culminates in the awarding a B.A. degree to prospective applicants provided that they fulfill all required courses successfully for this degree which amount to 140 credit hours distributed among university, college, and departmental requirements.

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