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Degree Certification

An-Najah National University provides degrees accredited and certified by the university’s ‎Deans’ Council, then the students must obtain validation from the Ministry of Higher ‎Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where necessary. ‎

To ensure the credibility of the degrees, especially for students aiming to go abroad, the ‎university provides further verification procedures for companies and institutions as follows: ‎

  • Degrees with Validating Code (issued after academic year 2016-2017) can be checked by ‎entering the code to the following link.
  • Degrees issued before the academic year 2016/2017 can be provided with scanned copies of ‎the documents that require validation by emailing [email protected]. The university wills ‎response within 3 weeks of receiving the email under the condition that it clarifies the ‎reasons for validation, the party requiring validation, and the deadline for responding. 

It must also be taken into consideration that the university will not respond to messages ‎sent from unofficial email accounts, for privacy reasons. It is preferred to send emails from ‎the official email of the party requesting validation. ‎

Note: Degree validation requests might require the consent of the student, which can be done ‎through an online form for authorization.‎

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