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Academic Exchange

An-Najah National University encourages its students to enroll in ‎international academic programmes and works on facilitating their travel ‎to pursue higher education abroad. Students can see the Scholarships’ ‎Office announcements on this link.‎

To obtain academic recognition through these programmes, students ‎should follow the university’s standards and procedures for admission ‎and registration and should match the credit hours they passed with the ‎European systems before and after enrolling. To achieve that, students ‎should take into consideration:‎

It is possible for students who postpone study at An-Najah and ‎return to it with an academic record from another university, to ‎submit that record to be accredited at An-Najah before the end of ‎the semester in which they re-join the university, under the ‎following conditions:‎

  • That the courses studied during the postponed period are within a ‎Bachelor degree programme.‎
  • ‎That no more than 50% of the courses required for graduation ‎from An-Najah are accredited from the courses taken in another ‎university.‎
  • ‎That the student’s grade in the course requested to be accredited ‎for is no less than 2.35 (C).‎
  • ‎That the concerned department would accredit the courses that are ‎similar to those of the university according to the department’s ‎study plan, and that the Dean of Admissions is notified.‎
  • ‎The European credit transfer and accumulation system (ECTS)‎.
  • ‎Students choose the university according to standards and ‎choose equivalent course/s according to the An-Najah’s ‎programme plan
  • ‎Students submit the application form to the Head of the ‎Department
  • ‎The Head of the Department sends a recommendation letter to ‎the faculty dean
  • ‎The faculty dean contacts the foreign university ‎
  • ‎Students must work in coordination with the Scholarships ‎Office at An-Najah which provides services to facilitate ‎transfer ‎
  • ‎Students are responsible   for travel arrangements (unless it ‎was through scholarship or a cooperation agreement) as well ‎as attending all scheduled classes.‎
  • ‎Upon return, students must hold a certified transcript from the ‎university he transferred in addition to the course description ‎of the programme which was attended.  ‎
  • ‎Upon return, student must submit a full report with all the ‎relevant documents including the department’s approval.‎
  • ‎The report is studied by the department then the decision on ‎whether the study period will be accredited or not. If not ‎justification will be given and the final decision will be ‎endorsed by the faculty’s dean and the academic vice e ‎president.  ‎
  • ‎The final decision and the certified original transcript will be ‎referred to the Deanship of Admissions for academic crediting ‎using only Pass or Fail and the credit will not count into the ‎student’s Ground Point Average.

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