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The Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training at An-Najah University obtained accreditation for the Inclusive and Special Education BA program, first of its kind in Palestine with regards to inclusive education.

The program aims at producing specialized academic staff who can offer equal learning opportunities for learners with special needs, such as disabled and gifted in schools and the community. It also aims to accommodate those learners' attitudes, practices, skills and knowledge, and foster partnership with related organizations and institutes. This is to upgrade the educational level and implement an education reform strategy that the educational system becomes inclusive and available for everyone.

Inclusive education is one of few leading programs in Palestine that aspires to cultivate the principles of justice, democracy and equal opportunities in the educational system. It also aspires to reinforce diversity and acceptance of the other among learners of different social, economic and cultural backgrounds.

Expected graduates have the opportunity to work in public and private schools as well as centers and institutes of people with special needs and minority groups.

The program consists of 123 credit hours.

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