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‎58 out of 59   medical graduates of An-Najah's Faculty of Medicine and ‎‎Health Sciences, have succeeded in passing the Medical ‎Licensing ‎Examination in the 1948 Lands, thus obtaining their licenses ‎enabling ‎them to practice the medical profession in clinics, hospitals and ‎medical ‎centers in the occupied territories of 1948. ‎

An-Najah graduates got the highest passing rate of all medical students from all universities; that is, 98% passing rate.

The results showed that 90 out of 99 Palestinian graduates of different Palestinian ‎universities,  who took the exam, have succeeded in passing ‎it, 58 of them were from An-Najah. ‎

Commenting on the efficiency of An-Najah's medical graduates, Prof. ‎Maher Natsheh, An-Najah President said: “The results of the exam, and ‎the high success rate of our graduates, which reached 98% indicate the ‎great efforts made by An-Najah's Faculty of Medicine and Health ‎Sciences' staff."

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is ‎the largest in the University as it homes ‎‎6,000 students from different parts of Palestine. The Faculty is led by ‎distinguished academic staff who bring an impressive range of expertise ‎and experience into the classrooms. It is recognized on the national and international level  due to its highly  qualified students and professional staff members. ‎

Dr. Khalil Issa, Faculty Dean, pointed out that the Faculty places ‎emphasis on developing and consolidating links with international ‎European universities and institutions, such as the Swiss Tropical and Public Health ‎Institute. ‎

Dr. Issa said: " The Faculty includes laboratories furnished with the latest ‎technologies. Our staff research production covers a wide range of ‎important topics in the fields of medicine, ‎and health ‎sciences. A large ‎number of our scholars' research is published by refereed journals such as ‎Scopus."‎

He also pointed out that the strong international relations greatly assist the ‎innovative reach of the Faculty and enable it to create and foster ‎meaningful research and exchange partnerships that provide access to ‎resources and knowledge from the best institutions around the world.

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