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The Arab Innovation Network (AIN) An-Najah Chapter has recently participated in the Arab Artificial Intelligence Summit 2019 in Jordan.

The University was represented by an elite group of students who introduced creative projects during the first Palestinian Challenges Summit. The group included the Make It Perfect Challenge winners, Omar Hanon and Masa Ajaj; Aramex winner, Nidal Shaar and the entrepreneur students, Alaa Bishtawi and Ahmed Daraghmeh as well as the students who introduced an AI project, Omar Bishtawi and Ghaith Khanfer.

The summit also included the participation of the chairman of the Arab Innovation Network An-Najah Chapter,  Mohammad Shreim and his vice chair, Mohy Darwazeh in addition to the External Communication Officer, Kareem Khuderi. It is worth mentioning that Palestine student group consisted of 18 students from various universities including Birzeit University, Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie and An-Najah.

During the closing ceremony, Student Khanfer won first place in the Best Startup Idea in AAIC for his project NIRVATECHS, a pilot project on a smart mobile device application that monitors the psychological behavior of users.

An-Najah group also participated in various workshops on AI which was attended by 60 speakers from different countries and companies like Google, Facebook and IBM.

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