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On Tuesday, April 25th, 2017, Dr. Ahmad Taha, Lecturer at the Geography Department at An-Najah participated in the 11th International Congress of GIS and GeoSpace Applications, Geo-Tunis.

The congress was over 5 days from April 25th- April 29th, 2017 and took place at the LAICO Hotel in Tunisia.

Dr. Taha presented a paper titled: “Proposed National Geodetic Datum in Palestine” through which he proposed establishing a new geodetic datum in Palestine. He talked about the error ratio of the current geodetic datum which was established during the British Mandate of Palestine and mentioned that the only solution to this problem is to establish a new geodetic datum using GPS.

Dr. Taha also met with a number of Arab scientists to exchange experiences on geodetic datum building.



Dt. Taha was accompanied with a Palestinian delegation that included the Director General of Land Survey in Palestine as well as a number of engineers from Land Authority, Nablus Municipality and the private sector institutions.

At the end of the conference, Dr. Taha was given a certificate of appreciation by the conference organizers.

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